I have an aphid problem!
The've infested my green beans! Thankfully it seems they haven't affected the production of beans.... they're just all over the stems! So I got ladybugs to eat them! The guy at the store said to keep them in the fridge till evening- then water the garden and let them out once it's dark. I guess this helps them from flying away. They're more inclined to go to sleep then when they wake up they look for food- find my aphid and chow down!
So we went out the other night to release them- a whole container full! There has been a huge spider web out there but I hadn't seen any spider on it- apparently he only comes out at night. And he's HUGE! The water made his web look really cool!This one was jut really freaky! click on it to enlarge!Unfortunately when I got home from work the next day there were not that many ladybugs left on my green beans. Some had migrated through the rest of the garden- and there were still a few on the beans. I hope the spider didn't eat them all! I also hope there is enough left to take care of my aphids!

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missyb said...

I thought I had an aphid problem on the flowers my parents just got me, but I larned that ferns have reproductive spores on the under part of the leaves. very interesting. Learned something new today, but I'm sorry you have aphids. Let me know how the lady bugs do?