No Jeff... we don't beat our dogs!

It's Hanna's turn to be the patient!
We had been watching the neighbor pups all last week and everything was going fine. Our dogs are not best friends with Pup and Modoc... but they get along just fine. Sunday was our last day with them- and I think Hanna had had enough! All 4 of them were out back wanting to come inside with us- and I think there just wasn't enough room at the door for all of them to look in! All we heard was bark, bark yelp... and by the time we got outside it was already finished. At first it didn't look so bad- but it was pretty deep and separated the layers of skin. Our one neighbor was a vet tech and she said that its a prime spot for an abscess to set in... as well as the chance for internal damage if it went in too deep. We opted not to bring her in on a Sunday, but wait till Monday morning.

Sure enough she needed stitches and a drain put in to prevent infection! It looks so much worse now that she's shaved and has this tubing coming out! Poor girl!We go in for Ned's surgeon recheck on Saturday and we're hoping he gives us the green light for more exercise! So that as soon as Hanna is healed up we can get back to normal activity!

This better be the end of our vet visits for a while... a looong while!

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