Alex's Birthday

Last Friday was Alex's birthday! I took off work and we spent the day doing pretty much nothing! That has been the theme of this holiday vacation! We've been making very good use of the new couch and TV!!
He asked for a carrot cake this year and I got up and arranged all of his presents and his cake for him to wake up to! Because I knew that he would ask to open presents before he was even out of bed! (which is what happened)... I made him come down stairs but he wasted no time tearing into them!
This is the only face he would give me so this is what everyone gets to see him like. He just asked why I posted such an aweful picture! Maybe he'll think twice next time I ask him to give me a smile! He even got the pups to help!

Given the whole Christmas holiday we thought we'd give people a break on Friday night- so we had a birthday shin-dig on Saturday night! Made some snacks and drinks, had some friends over, nothing big- but we had fun!!

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